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UK Alternative Finance breaks $1bn barrier - Liberum AltFi Index

14 January 2014 | Events

The UK Alternative Finance sector, which includes peer-to-peer lending, crowdfunding and invoice funding, has broken the £1 billion barrier for the first time in December 2013, according to Liberum AltFi Index data.

This data is the first in a series to be produced by Liberum AltFi Index, a collaboration between Liberum and AltFinance News, the leading media site for the UK P2P sector. It is intended to establish a range of Liberum AltFi Index data on the UK Alternative Finance sector. 

"This exponential growth of UK P2P volumes, albeit at a still modest level of £1bn, demonstrates that the internet-driven disintermediation of traditional banks is well underway”, said Liberum Analyst Cormac Leech, who cover Banks and Other Financials

“In the near term, UK P2P volumes will accelerate due to FCA regulation from April, likely ISA-ability in 2014, along with the arrival of a wall of yield-starved institutional capital. Banking is essentially about information and legal contracts making it as digitisable as music. Banks need to rapidly re-invent themselves to stay relevant over the next decade," he added. 

An article on AlfFinance News regarding the exclusive research from the Liberum AltFi Index and comments from industry players can be found here >>.  

Liberum is also a sponsor of the AltFi 2014 Summit, being held March 11. It is the first European focused event for the emerging Alternative Finance space, including P2P lending, crowdfunding and invoice funding.

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