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How UK consumers are feeling (infographic)

24 July 2014 | Analyst Insight

The latest Liberum Consumer Survey is revealing an increase in the confidence of the British public but also shows rising expectations of an interest rate hike and identifies what expenditure is at risk from that. The survey is compiled by Liberum Media Analysts Ian Whittaker and Lisa Hau. You can follow Ian on Twitter.

Click on the image below to see our infographic. 

 Consumer Survey Image

Methodology: 1,001 respondents were asked their views in April/May 2014. Respondents 48% males and 52% female), across age groups and split by social classes A-B: 28%, C1-C2: 43% and D-E: 28%. The survey has been running since September 2009 and our index is derived through weightings applied to the net positive scores of the factors. Job security (20%), Mortgage Payment Outlook (15%), Tax Outlook (12%) and Housing (20%) are key factors which we place a greater weight on.

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