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Liberum Consumer Confidence Survey weakens - an infographic

22 September 2014 | Mentions of Liberum

The latest Liberum UK Consumer Confidence Survey reveals a weakening in sentiment as expectations for an interest rate hike move closer and the outlook for house price rises softens.  

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Graphic by Liberum's Emily Leigh

The survey, carried out among 1,022 participants in July and August, also explored how British consumers feel about cuts in local authority spending  - affordable housing a preferred focus here - and monitors changes in how they expect their personal spending to change in a time of rising interest rates (a greater willingness to cut back on fags, booze and fuel).

Voters were subtantially more likely to vote for cuts to VAT - marginally ahead of spending on elderly care - than defence or high-speed rail.

The full survey is available to professional investors and media from the Liberum Media team led by Ian Whittaker. Email the team here >>

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