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The Graduates of 2015

30 January 2015 | people

Here's what our previous graduates are saying about their front-line experience in research, investment banking, trading and sales.

Our graduate recruitment programme for this year is now open.

(Left-to-right below) Robert Johnson, Jamil Miah, Ciaran Donnelly and Carole Madjo.

Gards Photo 2015

What was the recruitment process like?

“It was clear to me from the outset that Liberum has a very clear view of what it is looking for. This is a product of the flat organisational structure of the firm. I felt it has a very clear understanding of what kind of candidates are going to be successful in the company, which is reflected in how many graduates have gone on to be an important part of the company.” - Ciaran

“I really enjoyed the recruitment process because it took place in a positive and non-stressful environment which made me feel at ease during the interviews.” – Carole

Describe the business

“At Liberum, there is a great togetherness about the firm. I believe this comes from being a 100% employee owned business. There is a personal feel to it and you can see it in how much people care about the success of the firm.” – Ciaran

“The work is challenging and the standards are extremely high. I feel like I am learning to work to a high standard and great level of attention to detail.” – Robert

“People are also really nice to each other and most importantly know each other. It is really pleasant to work in a place where everybody knows your name.” - Carole 

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Does the rotation experience work?

“Rotating into four departments really gave me a better understanding of the equity market. Graduates gain a lot of experience, more than what would be achievable in a larger company, so you can discover which position suits us the most.” - Carole

“Other banks’ graduates get a textbook awareness of these things through the CFA curriculum. At Liberum, graduates learn the job and its pressures for themselves. And also have the pleasure of the CFA exams!” - Robert

“Another great thing is how it supports you when taking your exams, either CISI or CFA. You are given a huge amount of support, from study leave to supporting materials, giving you the best chance to gain these qualifications.” - Ciaran

What are you currently doing?

“I’m in Investment Banking which has been fantastic. You are supporting multiple projects, giving you exposure to exciting projects from day one. Most recently, I have worked on a project advising a client on their options on how to raise capital in order to make a possible acquisition.” – Ciaran

“I’m assisting in the preparation of a research report on the housebuilding sector, working with financial models and using the data to present emerging themes and trends in the industry. With a General Election approaching, it also involves looking at political research and polling data to present.” - Robert

“I’m currently supporting with a key publication for the Small & Mid-Cap Sales team, which involves publishing our thoughts on select emerging companies. This involves meeting with a diverse range of company management to understand their business model and key themes affecting their industry sector, whilst identifying unique investment ideas for the companies.” – Jamil

“I am currently working in the Trading desk. My current tasks include updating and optimizing spreadsheets for the Small & Mid Cap trading team and calling clients to update them on the company’s recent achievements.” - Carole

And your best bits so far?

“The one that really stands out was the day the potential merger between Glencore and Rio Tinto broke. I was working in the mining research team and within seconds everything was turned up a notch. The phones were buzzing, everyone wanted to know what was going on. It just typifies for me what working in this industry is about, everything can change in a second and you have to be ready for anything because everything can change on any given day.” – Ciaran

“Working on an IPO in Investment Banking. It was really interesting to see the process from end to end and learn the different pressures and stresses along the way – most of which are different to what a textbook will teach you.” - Robert

“When I worked on a value-add piece of research on the currently topical Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) market whilst working with the Oil & Gas team. It supported the Analysts on the team to understand the future growth of the LNG market given the volatile macroeconomic conditions.” - Jamil

“I was the first graduate to host the Sales morning meeting - a really good experience.” - Carole 

Where are they now?

Ciaran joined the Media Equity Research team permanently.

Jamil and Robert both joined the Investment Banking division permanently.

Carole joined the Consumer Equity Research team, and subsequently has pursued opportunities elsewhere.

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