Corporate Broking

Trusted adviser, market advocate

Hard-earned relationships with investors, cohesive teams across corporate broking, research, sales and trading, and constant focus on delivering independent and objective advice, help us to become a trusted adviser and market advocate for our corporate broking clients.

As corporate broker, our aim is to help our clients build high quality long-term relationships with institutional investors and develop their share ownership, with the ultimate goal of ensuring a fair valuation for the company’s shares in the market.

Investors listen to brokers who understand a company’s industry and can educate them around a business or industry. Using our deep knowledge of how markets, investors and companies interact, we strive to bring innovative and creative ideas to our clients, helping to develop their businesses at all levels, from daily investor relations to major strategic developments.

Alongside our analytical reputation is new thinking around how best to portray a company that may be complex or little known: events, social media, video and graphics support the all-important human touch.