Panmure Liberum acts as Financial Adviser and Joint Bookrunner on Marwyn Acquisition Company II’s £41.5 million acquisition of InvestAcc and £30.0m equity fundraising

We are pleased to announce that Panmure Liberum has acted as Financial Adviser and Joint Bookrunner to Marwyn Acquisition Company II Limited (“MAC II”) on its £41.5m acquisition of InvestAcc Group Limited (“InvestAcc”) and £30.0m equity fundraising.

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MAC II's strategy is to build the UK's leading specialist pensions administration business in the public markets with an initial focus on the SIPP segment, a highly attractive investment opportunity. The acquisition of InvestAcc, partially funded by the equity fundraising, is the first and key step in executing this strategy.

InvestAcc is an award-winning provider of SIPP and SSAS services in the UK. MAC II believes that InvestAcc provides the optimal strategic platform to create value through a SIPP buy and build strategy. The business benefits from being a leading UK personal pension administrator, having a proven track record of delivering exceptional customer service, scalable operations and infrastructure, a strong financial profile and a sustainable organic growth trajectory.

MAC II was founded by Marwyn and Mark Hodges. Marwyn has a long track record of building UK public companies and creating industry leaders having launched twelve previous acquisition companies including BCA Marketplace, Breedon Aggregates and Entertainment One, and more recently Advanced AdvT and Zegona Communications.

Panmure Liberum Team

Investment Banking – Chris Clarke, Ed Thomas, Anake Singh

Research – James Allen

Sales – Oliver Baxendale, Oli Houghton  

CIR – Skaiste Miglin

Legal – Rebecca Gordon, Nothando Malaba

Settlements – Rob Simpson

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