Who we are

Engaged, professional straight-talkers who know clients matter most

Liberum was started in September 2007 to provide a different style of broking in an industry where clients and staff were treated poorly by other institutions.

Clients wanted to work with those they could trust, who knew their needs and who worked through thick and thin. They didn’t want fair-weather friends.

Staff wanted a place that keenly sought their ideas, trusted their convictions and encouraged their development.

Since then we’ve navigated a steady course and grown alongside our clients. Now we’re adding new analysts and sales staff to meet client needs, expanding our coverage and innovating in the creation and delivery of unique insight for investors.

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  • Chairman & Chief Executive
    • Shane Le Prevost

      Shane Le Prevost is Chairman, Chief Executive and founder of Liberum.

      Shane was previously chief executive officer of Collins Stewart Ltd and before that, chief executive of Collins Stewart Channel Islands Ltd for nine years. His 30 years of experience in the financial sector also includes 6 years as MD for Greig Middleton in Channel Islands and 3 years as Head of Private Banking at First National Bank of Chicago.

  • Chief Operating Officer
    • Tony Scawthorn

      Tony Scawthorn is Chief Operating Officer and is also a Liberum board member, he has overall responsibility for the support areas within the company.

      Prior to Liberum, Tony was Chief Operating Officer and a Director at Collins Stewart Limited where he worked for 8 years starting as Head of IT and was appointed a Director in 2004. Tony started his career as a trainee at Singer & Friedlander and stayed with the firm for over 16 years, working his way up within.

  • Head of Equities
    • David Parsons

      David Parsons is Liberum's Head of Equities and a member of the board.

      David joined  in September 2008 as Head of Large Cap Sales. Prior to Liberum, David was a Managing Director and Head of UK Equity Sales at Citigroup where he worked for nearly for 10 years. David started his career as a graduate trainee at HSBC James Capel in 1990 and stayed with the firm until 1998 when he left to join Citigroup. David graduated from the University of York in 1989 with a BA (Hons) in Economics.

  • Head of Investment Banking
    • Peter Tracey

      Peter Tracey is Head of Investment Banking at Liberum and a member of the board.

      Peter joined Liberum in in October 2013. He moved from Charterhouse Securities to Merrill Lynch in 2000 and headed the Pan European Small and Mid-Cap Sales desk for many years before leading the sub FTSE 100 Corporate Broking department for over 3½ years. In March 2007, Peter managed the Merrill Lynch Alpha Capture group in New York before moving back to London in January 2009 to join Espirito Santo Investment Bank where he was Head of UK Capital Markets for 4½ years.


  • Research
  • Business Services, Building, Leisure & Travel
    • Building Materials & Housebuilders
      • >Charlie Campbell
      • >Thomas Buisson
    • Support Services & Special Situations
      • >Joe Brent
      • >Rahim Karim
      • >Tom Musson
    • Transport & Leisure
      • >Gerald Khoo
  • Consumer
    • Consumer Goods
      • >Robert Waldschmidt
      • >Anubhav Malhotra
      • >Alicia Forry
    • Consumer Discretionary
      • >Tom Gadsby
      • >Adam Tomlinson
    • Roving
      • >Wayne Brown
  • Financials
    • Diversified Financials
      • >Justin Bates
      • >Portia Patel
  • Healthcare
    • Healthcare
      • >Roger Franklin
      • >Graham Doyle
  • Industrials
    • Capital Goods
      • >Ben Bourne
      • >Daniel Cunliffe
      • >Ryan Gregory
      • >Rory Smith
  • Real Estate
    • Real Estate
      • >David Brockton
      • >Kieran Lee
  • Resources
    • Agriculture & Chemicals
      • >Adam Collins
      • >Sophie Jourdier
      • >Lisa De Neve
    • Mining
      • >Richard Knights
      • >Ben Davis
      • >Alexandre Schmidt
  • TMT
    • Media
      • >Ian Whittaker
      • >Annick Maas
      • >Ciarán Donnelly
    • SMID Technology & Gaming
      • >Andrew Bryant
      • >Jason Holden
    • Technology
      • >Janardan Menon
  • Strategy & Stock Selection
    • Sebastian Jory
    • James Ashley
  • Alternative Funds
    • Myrto Charamis
    • James Bouverat (Sales)
    • Conor Finn
    • Andrew Davis (Sales)
    • Anastasia Mikhailova (Sales)
    • Jennifer Dixon
  • Equity Sales
  • Head of Equities
    • David Parsons
  • Head of Product Strategy, Equities
    • Ed Blair
  • Large Cap
    • Richard Mawer
    • Bede Bruce-Lockhart
    • Sean Dixon
    • Tim Mayo
    • Tajender Sandhu
    • Tom Saunders
    • Nick Lee
  • Mid/Small Cap
    • Julian Collett
    • Jeremy McKeown
    • Natalia Lipecka
  • Specialist Sales
    • John Mozley (Real Estate, Housebuilders)
    • Steve Keeling (Diversified Financials)
  • Sales Trading, Trading & Market Making
  • Head of Execution
    • Graham Smith
  • Sales Trading
    • Nick Worthington
    • Nina Dixon
    • David Thompson
    • Harry Preece
    • Stephen Jury
    • Mark O'Hara
    • Tony Francis
    • Lee Williams
  • Trading
    • Dominic Lowres
    • Tom Camburn
    • Simon Warrener
  • Market Making
    • David O'Gram
    • Marc Wilkinson
    • Daniel Harper
    • James Cass
    • Peter Turner
  • Convertibles
    • Simon Smith
    • Richard Tomblin
  • Investment Banking
    • Peter Tracey
    • Richard Crawley
    • Clayton Bush
    • Steve Pearce
    • Neil Patel
    • Robert Morton
    • Christopher Britton
    • Richard Bootle
    • Steven Tredget
    • Jill Li
    • Jamie Richards
    • Anna Hartropp
    • John Fishley
    • Joshua Hughes
    • Ben Roberts
    • Neil Elliot
    • Chris Clarke
    • Jonathan Wilkes-Green
    • Robert Johnson
    • Paul Jones
    • Henry Freeman
    • Dominik Götzenberger
    • Claire Taylor
    • Sarah Yellop
    • Camarra Solomon
  • Private Wealth Services
    • Katherine Burgdorf
    • Sebastian Fernandez
  • Corporate Access
    • Lynsey Cox
    • Marcio Remedios
    • Mary-Jane Clarke
    • Karen White
    • Celia Wright

New York

  • CEO & Head of Sales
    • Mark Godridge
  • Deputy CEO
    • Julian Plant
  • Equity Sales
    • Sarah Port
    • Daniel Kraus
    • John Churchill
  • Sales Trading
    • Scott Leslie
  • Corporate Broking
    • Richard Kramer
  • Corporate Access
    • Megan Delaney